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About Us

What makes us successful? - You, the client!

Internet or not, every business faces the challenges that Thomas Edison appropriately stated in two sentences: "Nearly every person* who develops an idea works it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then they* get discouraged.

That's not the place to become discouraged."

Integrating technology and the Internet into a business is often where people become discouraged. Sanborn Web Designs™, A Sanborn Corporation is committed to helping people identify and solve business challenges and we believe technology should be made easy to use, fun and provide benefits. It should not be frustrating or restrict people's goals or creative abilities.  These results of these beliefs call upon the best of human values and stir people to committed action and are exactly what drives A Sanborn Corporation. 

We also know that successful business people must expanded his or her capabilities by delegating responsibilities for various functions to a team of motivated people who share their goals and objectives. Be ready to delegate to us as we are a committed team ready to help you meet your business goals and if we are lucky improve your quality of life! 

Realistically, we look beyond the goals and know that no product or service will survive unless it meets a true need in the marketplace. We want to help you take on the opportunity to meet that need better and more quickly. This often provides the real purpose for yours and our organization, A Sanborn Corporation!

* Ben Franklin's the word "man" and was substituted with "person" to be gender neutral


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